Bright Future for Mobile Marketing and Social Media

This week my fellow WVU classmates and I walked on the very edge of emerging media by taking a deep dive into: M2M, advergaming, In-game Branding & RSS Feeds. The medium that had everyone talking: mobile marketing.

Forrester Research paints a convincing picture on online advertising spanning 2008-2014. In my opinion, the projected growth in advertising spend can be see as a direct correlation to where the traffic will be, thus where marketers should be placing their messages. All this research makes a strong case for those deciding what to major in and those just beginning their careers – internet marketing is on the rise and mobile marketing and social media are leading the charge.
chart1It seems as if everyone is walking on eggshells around mobile marketing. There’s this fear that a big push could destroy the medium forever – shutting marketers out of an integral part of consumer’s daily life. While many companies have already implemented M2M strategies, we are currently in the process of shaping this arena. Will the main objective for M2M be conversion? Or, will marketers focus on building a perception in consumer’s minds to influence their opinions of brand? Will some sort of common ground be the answer? Any experienced mobile marketers out there care to provide a few talking points on what they’ve seen work with mobile marketing?

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